Writing Contests
Fabulous Five Contest

Historical - The Duke's Temptation by Becky Lang
Paranormal - The Naiad by Sara Stinski
Romantic Suspense - Trust No One by Annette Keuning
Series Contemporary (Long/Short) - A Touch of Silk by Betsy Gray
Single Title - Port Fairlight Summer by Jennifer Squire w/a Jen Gilroy
Women's Fiction - A Woman's Place by Sherry McNabb
Young Adult - Treacherous Hearts by Sandra Havriluk


Historical - Heart's Conviction by Lea Taddonio
Inspirational - Safe Harbor by Debra E. Marvin
Paranormal - Last Woman Standing by Michele Mills
Romantic Suspense - Secrets in the Wall by Mary Kozlowski
Series Contemporary (Long/Short) - False Start by Marianne Stephenson
Single Title - Where You Belong by Susan Dunn
Women's Fiction - Unforgettable by Carrie Christie
Young Adult - Phantom Limbs by Paula Garner


Historical - Her Own Woman by Sophia Sperdakos
Paranormal - Mindsweeper by Amy Jones
Romantic Suspense - Wicked Step Mother by Liz Lincoln Steiner
Series Contemporary (Long/Short) - Mandy's Marine by Amy Lamont
Single Title - Bittersweet by Virginia Van Vynckt
Women's Fiction - It's Not Me, It's You by Orly Konig-Lopez
Young Adult - Don't Doubt the Dragon by Greta MacEachern


Historical - Love, Behaving Badly by Catherine Phelan
Paranormal - Prologue by Denise Zygarlicke
Romantic Suspense - Spy in the Mirror by Diana Van Dyke
Series Contemporary (Long/Short) - Savannah Sighs by Nancy S. Evertz
Single Title - Locked, Loaded and Lying by Sarah Andre
Women's Fiction - The Sweet Spot by Laura Drake
Young Adult - Alli's Playground by Rebecca Sampson


Historical - Rake Untied by Sally Orr
Paranormal - Arc Angel by Rachel Berens-VanHeest
Romantic Suspense - In Safe Hands by Anna Sugden
Series Contemporary (Long/Short) - One Night in Andalusia by G. Jillian Stone
Single Title - Place Your Betts by Katie Graykowski
Women's Fiction - The House on Prospect by Trudi Seery Gilligan
Young Adult - Horse Play by Mary Karlik


Historical - Dangerous Desires by Sharon Calvin
Paranormal - The Defective Demon by Kate MacEachern
Romantic Suspense - Kira's Keeper by Jan Schliesman
Series Contemporary (Long/Short) - Getting Lucky by Katie Graykowski
Women's Fiction - Worth the Weight by Patricia Walters-Fischer
Young Adult - Adventures of a Teenage Truthseer by Cat Schield


Historical - Nightshade by Robin Le Fevers
Paranormal - Angels At Almack's by Cathy Leming
Romantic Suspense - Queen's Justice by Pamela Kopfler
Series Contemporary (Long/Short) - Claire's Wish by Jennifer Wilson
Single Title - Saving Stoney Brook by Kim Duffy
Women's Fiction with Romantic Elements - Keeping Secrets by Virginia McCullough
Erotic Romance - Purrrfect Passion by Laura Logan


Historical - 17 Days of Thistle and Down by Lesli Muir Lytle
Paranormal - The Accidental Demon Slayer by Angie Fox Gwinner
Romantic Suspense - Die Again by Annie Oortman
Short Contemporary - A Case of Meddling by Cat Schield
Long Contemporary/Single Title - The Chapels on the Hill by Virginia McCullough
Erotic Romance - Cherry on Top by Gina Black


Historical - A Love in Disguise by Courtney Hoffman
Paranormal - Duality  by De Anne R. Wildes-Mickelson
Romantic Suspense - Love is Murder by Angie Fox Gwinner
Short Contemporary - Higher Ground by Ellen Hohenfeldt
Long Contemporary/Single Title - A Little Night Magic by Kate Bowman
Women's Fiction with Romantic Elements - Legacy of Lies by Doris Lemcke


Historical - The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea by Regan Loyd
Paranormal - Sapphire Dreams by Pam Palmer Paulson
Romantic Suspense - Whispers From The Ashes by Eileen Coughlan
Short Contemporary - Made For Each Other by Cheryl Nagro
Long Contemporary - The Daddy Issue by Melissa Beck
Women's Fiction - The Foundation by Alan Chaput
Erotica - Almost Human by Kate Johnson


Historical - Heart of the Hunter by Linda Koenig
Paranormal/Fantasy/Futuristic/Time Travel - Celtic Fire by Joy Nash
Romantic Suspense - The Art of Love by Stacey Keith
Short Contemporary - Heat by Stacey Keith
Long Contemporary - White Gold by Janice Goodfellow


Historical/Regency - Master of the Heart by Jesica Trapp
Paranormal/Fantasy/Futuristic/Time Travel - Perfect Fit by Beverly Long
Romantic Suspense - Rebel Hart by Christine Lyn Keach
Short Contemporary - Reinventing Julia by Frances Colley
Long Contemporary - The Porch by Pam Menz Baker


Historical - A Lady of Quality by Diane Perkins
Paranormal/Fantasy/Futuristic/Time Travel - The Rebel and the Raven by Joanna King
Romantic Suspense - Always a Hero by Susan Marie Just
Short Contemporary - Bailey's Most Wanted by Sarah Parrott
Long Contemporary - A Soft, Dry Rain by Robin La Fevers